This semester, we read the book Airframe by Michael Chricton for our senior seminar class.

This book was a great representation of what PR professionals have to deal with.

With the amount of time we took to read the book, I wish we would have spent more time discussing it, because there are so many great points to the book.

This book was a story about Casey, a VP at Norton Industries and her step into the PR world. One of Norton’s planes has a malfunction and Casey is put in  charge of handling all media questioning the event.

This book is a great example of how PR representatives can stay true to their morals. Casey represents ethics in PR. She does not lie to anyone, only to expose the truth for what it really is and saves the company.

This book also exhibits the framing theory. The media goes through the process of trying to frame the story in the most newsworthy manner, without considering ethics.


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Difficult Co-Worker learns behaviors from Childhood

PRSA wrote today that difficult co-workers may have learned their behaviors from childhood. The Wall Street Journal originally posted the story.

Because of this, some managers are having to use new techniques to deal with this employees.

According to Sylvia LaFair, a White Haven, Pa., psychologist and leadership coach, there are 13 patterns of office behavior and childhood reasons causing them.

“As the Journal reports, these types include the “persecutor,” who micromanages or abuses others and may have suffered abuse or neglect in childhood. The “avoider” is aware of problems but won’t talk about them, and may have grown up in a judgmental family. The “super-achiever” breeds resentment by walking over other people, and as a child may have been forced to compensate for family shame or tragedy. The “martyr” does his or her own work and everybody else’s too, and then alienates co-workers by complaining. The martyr’s parents may have given up their dreams for the child, who is now repeating the pattern.”

These is an interesting and thoughtful claim. Will these patterns change the way PR is conducted? Now that we can associate “bad moods” from workers in the business environment, will PR gain a new approach toward these employees? How much does this actually affect their personal lives as well? These could be a new theory stirring at our fingertips.

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Survival Guide Reading Notes Ch. 13 & 14

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Chapter 13: Looking to the Future

  • Lifestreaming – similar to a blog in that it is chronologically ordered collection of information, but its content consists mostly of feeds or “streams” of information from other social sites.
  • Example: FriendFeed
  • Facebook Connect works similar in the way you connect.
  • Facebook will soon launch a “social rank.”

Chapter 14: Measuring Your Success

  • Know your goals.
  • Attention, Participation, Authority, and Influence – measures social media engagement based on user interaction.
  • Tools to help you measure: Google Analytics, Google Alerts, Google  Trends, Feedburner, Blog Statistics Tools, Technorati, etc.
  • Come to your own conclusions.

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Survival Guide Reading Notes Ch. 11 & 12

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Chapter 11: More Social Tools

  • Social calendars-post events to gain exposure.
  • Social pages- pages about a particular topic.
  • Wikis- A collaborative website that allows anyone to update its content.
  • Social Search Portals- Unique search experience right from your website or blog.

Chapter 12: Pulling it All Together

  • How to optimize:
  1. Can users interact with the content?
  2. Can visitors share the content easily with others?
  3. Does the site encourage collaboration?
  • Streamline your Social Web Presence with an integration plan.

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Survival Guide Reading Notes Ch. 8 & 10

For information on the book, please visit my previous post.

Chapter 8: Media Communities

  • Image sharing sites are a way for you to get some serious mileage out of your photos and other images.
  • Flickr is the most popular.
  • Even though it’s easy, don’t go without a plan.
  • Create badges using your Flickr photos.
  • Fill out your profile completely.
  • Video sharing: YouTube.
  • Make your photos and videos searchable with key terms.

Chapter 10: Social Media Newsrooms

  • One place where you can tell the media, prospective clients, book reviewers, or anyone else exactly what they need/want to know.
  • For individuals or businesses that tend to get or want to get a lot of media coverage, or who put out news releases on a regular basis.
  • Best to use a blogging platform.
  • Social Media news release is a traditional news release that is social media or Web 2.0 optimized.

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Viral Video

For my Social Media class, we created short viral videos to promote the organization of our choice. I worked with James Kicklighter and Mackenzie Stratton, with special help from Casey Sherwin.

Below is the video we created to promote the Communication Arts Department, located in Veazey Hall.

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TOW 15: Guest Blogger- James Kicklighter

Today, I am featuring James Kicklighter as my guest blogger.

Jame’s blog PR Connection: ABC and Cablevision and the Oscars caught my attention, because as you know from my past blogs, I love when people relate PR to things going on in the world.

Thanks James for being my guest blogger today!

“Just after the stroke of midnight Sunday, 3 million Cablevision viewers in the New York area lost their ABC channel because of an impasse by the cable operator and broadcaster to resolve a feud over transmission fees.

And unless an agreement is reached during the day between Cablevision and Walt Disney, the parent company of ABC, viewers won’t see George Clooney or Sandra Bullock stroll the red carpet at The Oscars. And subscribers will miss out on some of television’s most popular shows such as Lost and Good Morning America.”

from The Washington Post

In the modern era, when 58.6% of television watchers are cable subscribers, broadcast networks are now participants in the cable arena — even if you can get their channels for free over the airwaves.

For most cases, this might not present a problem. But tonight, ABC will air the annual Oscar telecast, the most prestigious film award and one of the more popular telecasts of the year.

The situation between ABC and Cablevision presents a problem for the 3 million Cablevision subscribers in New York City; the station is the largest ABC affiliate in the country.

Suppose for a moment that you’re a movie buff, or even someone that works in the film industry — highly likely living in NYC. Suddenly, you’re going to have to find an antenna if you want to watch the awards ceremony.

For the interim, Disney CEO Bob Iger demands that Cablevision pay $40 million to ABC in subscription fees that are owed. While the companies battle it out, however, they have 3 million consumers who are left out of the conversation.

The “he said” vs. “she said” mentality rules the conversation while programming isn’t avaliable.

I would hate to be the public relations practitioner in this situation, because no matter who I’m representing, it all comes back to the sniping back and forth. There isn’t a dialogue taking place between companies for consumers.

While I can understand both sides of the argument, the conversation they should be having might consider their customers. As they are dealing internally, their external images are being damaged for consumers.

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Celebrities are going untouched on magazine covers. Is this a PR stunt or just true honesty?

Recently, Jessica Simpson made headlines by going Untouched on the cover of Marie Claire. Apparently, Jessica didn’t even wear any makeup. Just last year, she was in the news for being overweight. In response, she has a new TV show out, called “Price of Beauty” in which her and couple of her friends travel all around the world, learning what beauty means in different cultures.

Is it just coincidence that all of this happens one after another? I think not. Jessica must have an awesome PR team behind her… fighting what media has made “beauty” to be. She is fighting back and people and listening.

Also in the news for going “untouched” in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Kim’s comment on the message of the nude picture is “embrace your curves and who you are.”

The difference with Kim is that she is also an endorser for Quicktrim, a diet plan she claims to have used herself. Well, if she’s telling girls everywhere to embrace their curves, why is she drinking tasteless formula drinks daily instead of eating healthy full meals?

That doesn’t sound like embracing your curves to me. Maybe her PR team needs to take a look at Jessica’s and go for the natural workout approach.

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TOW 14: Guest Blogger- Mackenzie Stratton

Today, I’m featuring a guest blog, from a friend and classmate, Mackenzie Stratton.

Everyone has heard(and is tired of hearing) about Tiger Woods in the news, but since I have not made any comments on that matter, I though her blog on this topic would be a perfect feature.

Thank you Mackenzie for sharing!


After reading PR Week’s article,“Tiger Woods Calls in Former White House Press Chief Ari Fleishcher for Advice,” I have realized the importance of how Public Relations Professionals are to celebrities likeTiger Woods.

The article discussed how Ari Fleishcher who work for George W. Bush has been brought in to reintroduce Tiger Woods, after his three-month break. The break is due to the allegations that broke last year that Woods had several sexual-affairs.

Fleishcher runs his own sports PR company that specialises in handling crisis communication. The article quoted Steve Martin ( M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment CEO) who said: “‘Tiger Woods desperately needs good PR advice. He has not got his strategy right so far. The press conference was awkward. It won’t be turned around quickly for him but a PR plan needs to be created carefully.”

This article was really interesting to read, because it’s refreshing to read an article where Public Relations professionals are shown as being needed. I think lately with the economy, Public Relations is seen as an added bonus, and not a necessity. In reality though, to keep a successful company, or image, consulting with someone who works in the field of Public Relations is one of the smartest things to do. This is not the time to take a risk with your company, Public Relations professionals are trained in handling crisis situations, and keeping a company afloat.

Reading this article made me realize that with social media, and the fast paced society of today, Public Relations professionals are even more of a necessity. While the Tiger Woods situation is not the best situation to draw a light on PR, it is refreshing to know that people do see an importance in PR.

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TOW 13- David after Dentist

Viral Videos, such as David after Dentist are becoming all the rage. I have friends that sit on YouTube for hours watching the newest and funniest video uploaded.

What makes these simple homemade videos so popular?

Simple: Human Interest

Before YouTube was invented, remember that show we used to watch… America’s Funniest Home Videos?? Well, it’s the same thing! It’s just at your fingertips, able for you to customize to your liking.

Take this video for example.

It became popular immediately after posting and remains popular today. Something like this is funny and people like to laugh. If they can share in the laughing with someone else, they show someone, and so on. It’s almost a sense of accomplishment when you’re the one find that funny video to show your friends.

Another type of video that gets a lot of views is shown below.

It is so random and you almost have to be out of your mind to be able to understand it, yet it has over 46,000,000 views. It is so random that one can’t help but watch it in stunned silence only to think “what in the world was that” after it is over. Then of course, you have to show your friends this crazy cartoon video you watched. Who in their right mind would take the time to make this short video?

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