ROTC Dining Out

3088_84782002958_611292958_2519094_1808986_nThis past Saturday was Georgia Southern University’s ROTC Dining Out.

As my boyfriend, Steve, is a member of the ROTC program, as well as the National Guard, I accompianied him to the event.

We got all dressed up, he in his uniform and me in my dress and took on the evening around 6pm.

First was a meet and greet, in which we just socialized and met the guest of honor.

Next we had the toast as well as the making of the Graug(not sure if i’m spelling that right)

Dinner was catered by GSU, which wasn’t worth the $20 my beau paid for, but we ate.

After the evening, we changed into something more comfortable and were picked up in a limo to go to Silver Creek Salon.

For those of you who have not been, GO, it is very entertaining and the music is actually really good.

Back to the Dining Out, the purpose of the evening was the honor those who are serving and those training to serve. As the girlfriend of one of these brave men(and women too), these nights make me truly remember how lucky I am to live in a free country.

As an 86 year old man who fought in WWII, I wish I knew his name, put it that night:

Freedom isn’t free… and I am proud to be an American.


April 27, 2009. Personal.


  1. Katelyn replied:

    I did not know that Georgia Southern hosted such dinners. Thank you for sharing this! It makes me even more proud to attend this university knowing that time is taken to honor the brave men and women who fight for this country. Please tell your boyfriend thank you for me, and I wish you and him the best!

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