“You Never Know Until You Try…

Or How to Make it Big in PR”

This past week I read an article from Public Relations Quarterly for my PR Research class. “You Never Know Until You Try or How to Make it Big in PR” was written by John F. Budd Jr. budd_back

Budd first started working for Carl Byoir & Assoc. in his twenty’s. After thirty years of experience, he came up with his top 10 tips on surviving and thriving in the PR world.

Here are the main concepts to his points(for the complete article check out Volume 53, Number 2 of Public Relations Quarterly):

1. Never lose your curiosity

2. Always, always challenge conventional wisdom…

3. Opportunity is a synonym for failure. Believe it!

4. Read, read, read!

5. Write, write, write!

6. Do the unexpected… more than asked for.

7. Understand and appreciate what creativity is.

8. Come to work to make thing[s] happen; don’t just passively watch them happen.

9.Don’t be borinng and always talk shop.

10. Thinking is not a public ad hoc process.rome-doors-1

I enjoyed this article. As a senior, about to enter the real world, I thrive off of any tips I can get. Tip # 3 is my favorite. I completely agree with the old saying “When one door closes, another one opens.” Another tip I like is #6. Budd doesn’t just talk about “going the extra mile,” he also talks about being more creative and thinking outside the box as a concept of going above and beyond.

I would definitly recommend this article to anyone entering or relatively new to the PR field. Hopefully you will check it out and find as much use out of it!


September 3, 2009. Personal, PRCA 3339.

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