CRAP… the PR way

For my PRCA 3339 class, we learned about the acronym CRAP. Thanks to Robin Williams (no not the actor) we were able to learn more about PR publications in an easy to memorize approach.





For this post, I am going to focus specifically on the C of CRAP, Contrast.

Contrast can be Big and Little or Dark and Light. It brings out key points and mutes the less important elements. The entire point to contrast is to make different things different. Shape can also change contrast, such as using bold and italics.

If you leave an entire publication in one font size, the words may start to run together and be hard to read. By enlarging the heading and key points, it allows for more enjoyment on the eye.

If you are working with only black and white printers, one way to create contrast between color is to use reverse font on some sections. Reverse font is when the background is turned black and the actual type is in white.rev1

However, although contrast is an easy element to use, over usage can ruin the effect.

For those of you who are interested:

Repetition: is not within text but within design. It creates consistency and unity.

Alignment: creates a visual flow and connects elements.

Proximity: groups related elements and separates unrelated elements.

To find more information on these definitions, or the full slide show we viewed in class, visit Barbara Nixon’s Blog.

September 7, 2009. PRCA 3339.

One Comment

  1. Barbara Nixon replied:

    Thanks, Kacie. I always think it’s easiest to remember things when there’s an acronym I can attach to them.


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