Segmenting Publics… Classic Style

For my PR Publications class, we have been assigned a semester project in which we create a brochure for the non-profit client of our choice. I choose Southern Cruisers in Statesboro, Ga.

Southern Cruisers is a local car club that allows for those with classic, customized, or vintage cars and trucks to gather in meetings and “cruise-ins.” They also hold an annual car and truck show in which their proceeds are donated to a local

The Southern Cruisers, although open to all public, is made of predominantly older white males with some exceptions.

Therefore, when segmenting my client’s public by generation, I would probably target the Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers, especially the “Me Group” are into new technologies with “abnormally high expectations” and boomers Baby Boomers in general have a desire to better oneself as well as the society. Through Southern Cruisers, you can better yourself by entering your car or truck into contests, while also raising money for others.

When segmenting my client’s public by life stages, there are three I would target my client’s brochure to: Early Adulthood, Middlescense, and Age of Mastery, all 3 of which fall along the baby boomer category.

Those in the Early Adulthood category (age 30-45) are beginning to settle into their careers and are becoming involved in communities. Those aged 45-55 (Mimddlescense) are reassessing their lives and values. Finally, the Age of Mastery (age 55-65) are becoming more involved in social life and are participating actively in community concerns.

When segmenting by social class, I would lean more towards the Middle to Upper classes. Owning a classic car or truck is not cheap and car shows and clubs can get expensive. Although the working class would certainly be allowed to join, it would be more likely for the middle or upper class to join.

Finally, when segmenting by gender, the obvious stereotype would be to target males. Althought females are becomg a huge market for cars, the club is predomitely males right now, but is open to all and any females who would like to join.

All of the above information, I found from my PRCA 3339 book, Segmenting Publics:Designing for Target Publics by Linda P. Morton.

September 20, 2009. PRCA 3339.

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