The type of font used on publications can make or break your business. Whether it be a brochure, flyer, or even letterhead, your font is more than just the letters on a page.2006fonts

The font a designer uses should go hand-in-hand with the company and reflect the companies personality. The font should flow throughout the entire piece and should be chosen specifically for the target audience it is trying to reach.

When it comes to business cards, size 7 or 8 font in generally the best font size to use. More information about font on business cards can be found at Article Base.business-cardsad

On the other hand, brochure’s font should catch your eye. When choosing your font, though, you should stay away from Large X-heights and light typefaces. Brochures should be creative and catchy, but still easy to read. For more tips and tricks on choosing a font for brochures, visit CreativePro.com.

Although there are many fonts out there, most publication programs only offer so many as a default in the program. Websites such as dafont. com are great places to go to easily download free and legal fonts. To learn how to download fonts at dafont.com, you can visit their help section or watch a tutorial at youtube.com such as the one below.

In the end, the best thing to do before choosing a font would be to research what other publications have used that font and how easily legible it was. A font may look cool but if the audience cannot read it, the whole publication has gone to waste.


September 28, 2009. PRCA 3339.

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