The Language of the Image

This past week, for my PRCA 3339 class with Barbara Nixon, we had to take an online course with Poynter NewsU called The Language of the Image. This course explains the importance of a photograph particularly within print media.

I have taken a photography course before, so this was more of a refresher for me. I already know the different types of photographs and how to use line, light, mood, etc. in a photograph. However, I did learn learn the term “point of entry.” I have never heard it called that before. Point of entry is the part of the photograph the viewer is immediately drawn to.

I really enjoyed reading the different approach part. Someones you only see things your way and that reminds me of all the different ways a moment can be captured through different sets of eyes.

After taking this course it makes me want to get back info photography. Through courses like this it makes photography seem so simple and easy, but it’s not. You really have to have a good eye and a lot of patience.

As an end to this blog, I thought I would add a couple pictures I have taken myself and the elements in them.


This picture was taken while on a cruise in Mexico. Graphic is heavily represented in this photograph because of the relationship between the lines and shapes.


This image was also taken in Mexico and has a good point of entrybecause of the Red dot in the middle. It also uses graphic through the lines of the tree and the man walking.



his photograph was taken on a 35mm camera and developed was developed by myself in a dark room. It shows a contrast of quality of light as well as perspective.


This photograph also uses perspective as well as emotion and moment.


October 26, 2009. PRCA 3339.

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