Diversity… or not

I have always heard the word “diversity” but had never given it much thought until recently.Diversity,%20races,

I was walking through our student Union the other day with a friend when he said to me “you’re not diverse.” What? That was random I thought. “You’re a white, blonde christian female, so your not diverse,” he said. I was quiet after that but those words kept resonating in my mind.

I understand that the strive for diversity started from integrating blacks and whites as well as people from other cultures and relgions. However, times are changing, and as a white, blonde christian woman, I consider myself diverse.

The defintion of Diverse in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “differing from one another.”

I am different. I may look like the average white blond girl on the outside, but on the inside, I have my own opinions and my own thoughts and that makes me different from others.

Besides, times are changing and sometimes when I walk into the room, I have been the only white blonde.

This past summer, I visited my boyfriend’s family in California. His mom’s side of the family descends from Spain and they definitly look the part. All of them have dark tans with dark brown hair and some even speak spanish. During his family dinner, I was the only pale skinned blonde in the room. Does that make me diverse and them not? No.

We all are different in some way and unless you for some reason cannot think for yourself, you ARE diverse.

Next time someone tries to tell me I’m not, I’ll have a better response.


October 27, 2009. International PR.

One Comment

  1. Andrews replied:

    This obviously struck a cord with you, but as you so eloquently stated, next time someone says you are not diverse, you will have a better response.

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