Dirty Jobs

Yesterday, we watched Dirty Jobs by Mike Rowe in my PR Publications class. The video went through the process of making a lithograph. Rowe actually had one made of his show posters made into a lithograph.dirtyjobs

You might be thinking why in the world we are watching Dirty Jobs in a PR class… that’s exactly what I thought at first. After the show, I realized though, the class is publications, meaning we work with flyers, brochures, etc. Those products have to come from somewhere. A lithograph is just another option when working on publications.

What I found most impressive from the show is the large printing machine. It was massive and so “old school.” Watching Rowe climb into it to grease the entire thing by hand was definitly a “dirty job.”

I’d love to learn more about where and what lithographs are used. I tried doing a little research and found the site “How Stuff Works” that lithography first came from stone lithography in 1798 which people still use today in art studios. Lithography was first used to make color art for books, phamplets, and fliers.

I never really payed attention to “Dirty Jobs” before, thinking it only showed gross jobs, but now I may give it another try.

October 30, 2009. PRCA 3339.

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