NBC vs International News

For my International PR class, we were assigned a World News project. Each member of the group had to watch a different full hour of news on a given channel (mine was NBC) for a full week. After all of the moans and growns we realized we were stuck in doing this project.key_art_nbc_news

I settled in to watch my 5am news on the local station, WSAV, on TiVo of coarse (there was no way I was waking up at 5am). While we were watching, we were supposed to record any international news presented, besides stories on the war.

Wait a minute, my week just passed by and I did not have one international story written in my notes. This was not because I did not watch the show or that I did not take notes, I did all of the above. There was not one international story broadcasted.

world-mapAfter reviewing notes with my group members, we found they had the same problems. The only way to find international news was by going online.

Then it hit us.. this was the point of the assignment… to show us how little international news is out there. Below are the theories we believe to be present in our television media today.

Those theories include, but are not limited to:

Censorship: the suppression of speech. Could the media not be relaying information just because they believe it is harmful, sensitive, or objective?

Agenda Setting: the media’s influence on audiences by their choice of what stories to consider newsworthy. Does the media believe that only U.S. and war related stories are news worthy?

Cultivation: the public’s dependence on television. Should people be looking for news elsewhere, other than television?

Ethonocentrism: the belief that one’s country is better, or more important, that others. Is our country full of itself?

Lesson learned: Don’t believe everything the TV is telling you. You have to reach beyond the TV set and find your own information in order to stay in touch with the world.



November 10, 2009. International PR.

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  1. Andrews replied:

    I hope others take away the lessons you learned as well.

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