The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a French movie film about a man, Bauby, who suffers a massive stroke and lapsed into a coma after a car accident. The man is aware of his surroundings, but he cannot move except for the blink of his eye (and some head movement later on). We are able to hear his thoughts but he cannot speak. His speech therapists tries to communicate with him through the blinking.diving-bell

As we hear more of his thoughts, we find out that he was the editor-in-chief ELLE magazine. A few days later, the eye doctor comes in and sews up Bauby’s  right eye so that it would not get infected. Bauby does not want this, but cannot communicate against it. Unable to talk, Bauby learns to communicate through blinking. His speech therapists continuely repeats the french alphabet in order of how often a letter is used. Bauby blinks once for yes and twice for no. Through this blinking system, Bauby wrote an autobiography or a memoir of his life.

This movie was hard to understand and keep up with at times, but I really enjoyed the story behind it. The audience of this film was different groups of people from different from different majors. Much of our international PR class was there, with diversity not necessarily from looks from opinions (especially with our discussion afterwards).

I don’t believe it was so much that this story represented one culture as it did one life. This could have happened to anyone, it had nothing to do with his culture. Something that really stood out to me was when they were putting the phone in his room, although he could not speak. When the men laughed, the nurse made it clear to not talk about him as if he was not there, they could ask him themselves. This made me really think about how sometimes people with disabilities get overlooked when they are still real people that can make their own decisions.

mathieu-amalric-and-marie-josee-croze-in-the-diving-bell-and-the-butterflyI don’t know if I would watch this movie again, but I would consider reading the book, since books are usually better than the movie. Having to listen to it in French was a little unnerving. I am not used to that, but it is such a beautiful language and I do know bits and pieces of it from high school, it was kind of cool.

Overall, I think this event was great. It was a movie that opened people’s eyes, not because of his culture, but because this could happen to anyone.


November 10, 2009. International PR.

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  1. Andrews replied:

    Yes, I’m seeing that this was a popular movie among your classmates. Reading subtitles can be a pain, but seems like it was worth it 🙂

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