Top 10 Things I Learned

So the semester has come and gone, a lot faster than I originally thought. Although, I am sure there were a few moments in the middle of the semester when I thought it would never end. So in conclusion to my public relations publications class, as well as my public relations practicum class, I have created 2 separate slide shows with the top 10 things I learned in each class. [Some slides may not be precise or detailed, I tried doing this from what I had actually learned and stored in my memory rather than what I wrote down… details can be found on previous blog posts or by viewing the slide at Slideshare]

This first slide show is for my PRCA 3339 class, in which we learned about the publications aspect of PR with an ending project of a brochure of the non-profit organization of our choice.

This slide show is for my PRCA 3711 class, where we learned tips and tricks on resumes, portfolios, and job interviews.


November 30, 2009. PR Practicum, PRCA 3339.


  1. laur22 replied:

    Your slide show for practicum was really interesting! I especially liked how you included etiquette and keeping your car clean as things you learned. Those are things I didn’t really consider but are obviously important when entering any career. Your appearance and attitude definitely make a big difference. Catering your resume to the job you are applying for is something I learned also. Making it seem that you are focused on working for a specific employer can emphasize to them how interested you are. I did not create a portfolio yet because I do not have a lot of work to show, but it is a great way to show employers what you can do for them. Employers are often unsure what public relations students specialize in, so showing them the work and skills you have will help them out.

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