@Earthquake Alert! TOW #2

Believe it or not, I did not hear about the Haiti earthquake on TV or in the newspapers, nor have I yet to turn on the TV since I have heard about it. No, I have found out all that I need to know from Twitter.

News of a devastating earthquake in Haiti spread faster on Twitter than any other source. Links, pictures, and comments alike were posted as #haiti quickly appeared and stayed in the Trending Topics.

One of these “tweeples” was the American Red Cross (@RedCross). @RedCross ran a twitter wide campaign to encourage people to donate money. Here are some of their tweets:

Donation Update: Over $21 Million in $10 donations raised for the people of #Haiti through the @RedCross text HAITI to 90999 campaign.

If you’re donating what you can to www.redcross.org or texting “Haiti” to 90999 you are helping people in Haiti.

Picture posted by @RedCross

Not only did @RedCross send over aid and people immediately, they sent twitter with them:

Our own American Red Cross volunteer @winnie_romeril is en route to Haiti and is tweeting.

Picture posted by @winnie_romeril and retweeted by @RedCross.

It is through companies such as the Red Cross that have been able to take something, such as Twitter, and use it to an advantage, not only for them, but to help others in need, and to spread the word quickly.

What surprised me the most about this, is how much people are starting to rely on twitter instead of the news, because they know they can receive information faster. I, myself, have learned what a reliable source twitter can become for information. Especially now that I have a smart phone, I have all the information I need in my hand anytime, anywhere. Who needs a TV for news anymore?

Finally, if I could choose one thing to learn more about, it would be about the people behind the twitter account. All you see is what they post for that company, but who is that person exactly? What are their interests and views on the topic at hand?


January 19, 2010. PRCA 3030, Topic of the Week.

One Comment

  1. jameskick replied:

    It is amazing how many people have heard about situations in Haiti through Twitter. Just to think that only a few years ago, this information would have come in much slower — remember 9/11? That would be so different today.

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