Social Media and Wedding Planning?

Recently, I was challenged to come up with an “idea” to submit as a wedding/event planner. One thing that has intrigued me the most is how much the wedding/event planning world has become involved in social media.

Sites such as give 6 ways to use social media in wedding planning. I found these very interesting tips, that could even be taken out of context and used outside of the wedding planning business.

Tip #1: Connect with Vendors

Tip #2: Ask past grooms and brides for help

Tip #3: Pre-wedding fun for the wedding party

Tip #4: Share those Registries

Tip $5: Win Stuff

Tip #6: Share your Wedding

Other sites, such as allow you to plan your entire wedding using social media.

In response to this, I created a video response of ways I believe wedding and event planners can use social media to gain success in their business.


January 20, 2010. PR Connections, PRCA 3030.


  1. aschlum1 replied:

    I think that it’s great that you are able to use social media to help with wedding planning. I know you are planning a wedding of your own, so being a public relations major probably helps you when it comes to finding out information and searching various social media sites. I like your video, I hope I can get some up soon… but I have to figure out these social media sites one at a time! ha

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  3. Mackenzie replied:

    This is so true! Social Media has become a really great way to get out to people, and make it a lot more convenient to everyone. It’s true using twitter, and other social medias to reach your vendors and clients would help things seem a lot more personable, and along with quicker. I think your ideas of using Social Media, to help you plan weddings is really smart, and I think because of your knowledge with Social Media, you’ll be really successful in the field (especially after getting practice from planning your own wedding.) I look forward to reading (on twitter) about all the success weddings you plan in the future! –Mackenzie Stratton

  4. Jessica Cameron replied:

    I had never really thought about using social media to help with planning a wedding. I know it is used to help get the word out and plan other events, like when I did Kappa Delta’s War of the Wings, but never did I think about wedding planning. I wish you luck with all that you are doing with your wedding! Graduation and planning a wedding..what an exciting year for you!!! But a busy one too! I look forward to reading more about your adventures in wedding planning through your blog and on Twitter. I know it will be a beautiful one and such a special day!!

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  6. laur22 replied:

    I also had no idea that social media could be such a large component of planning a wedding! Nowadays, it seems that everything can be done online. Using the Internet to contact people and make decisions is obviously a fast and easy way to make plans. By sharing registries, getting in touch with friends and family, and organizing showers and parties, using social media is a free and easy method. I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, but I am sure I will implement social media into my wedding in one form or another! Best of luck to you in planning everything in the future.

  7. hhiggs87 replied:

    I never really thought about using social media to help plan your wedding but why not? Social media is used for everything else. I enjoyed your tips. I think social media is a great way to get your wedding out there. With all the contests on Twitter, I think that would be a great place to start. Who knows? You could win you honeymoon through Twitter. I also like the idea of sharing you registries and contacting vendors. Social media keeps costs down, too. These are all great pointers. The video in the post also made everything so much more personal. Neat idea!

  8. katiann4710 replied:


    This was a great post. I love how you took such a daily tool, such as, social media and applied it to something that really interests you. Being that you yourself are wedding planning, (how exciting) this was a really neat post to read. I agree that people can use social media as a real asset to help them plan for their weddings, I mean why not? People have started using social media for parties and events of all sorts, it would only make sense that those bride or groom to be’s would use this as an advantage. Just last weekend I was in my best friends wedding, and being that it was a pretty large wedding party the bride created a group on facebook to keep the wedding party updated on future events. It was basically a go-to calendar in case we had any questions. She was her own wedding planner and had made the itinerary and posted it to the group as well. It all was found to be very helpful. Thanks for your post- very interesting!

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