Tweet your Definition – TOW #4

Adam Vincenzini blogged and tweeted for people to respond through a tweet with their definition of social media in, obviously, 140 characters or less.

A list of these defintions of those who responded can be found here.

Of these defintions, these are the ones that I found most valuable. My comments can be found in red.

@JoanneJacobs Social Media are tools & services which facilitate communication between individuals for decision making, cultural exchange & conversation* Straight Forward, to the point, social media is communication.
@jgarant A borderless space to consume & share information & opinions – to engage directly with inductry minds & develop personally and professionally I like the boardless part to this, the thought that users have no boundries.  

@DannyBrown Social media is the human engine oil. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mini or Mercedes, you get an equal shot to compete in the race Looks don’t matter in social media, atleast not the human’s looks.

@leeodden Social media is technology that facilitates community & word of mouth. But what makes the social web work are the people Without people, it wouldn’t work.

@katehughes For me social media is about two things: friendship and learning. Frequently (and fortuitously) the two overlap* I’m constantly learning from social media.

@RichQuigley (Part A) The evolution of communications via the decentralization of conversation + a shift in how content is discovered, discussed & disseminated
@RichQuigley (Part B) SM is an opportunity 2 partcip8 in the evolution of communications & 2 disregard everything u have ever learned about spelling & punk2ation
@steveology (Part A) The greatest shift of power from the corporation to the consumer since the birth of the industrial revolution
@steveology (Part B) A unique opportunity for brands to re-invent how they connect with consumers and gain their unfair share of customer mind and market share
@anna8988 (Part A) Allows you to socially and professionally communicate online with those otherwise out of your reach in the real world*
@anna8988 (Part B) Social networking; the only place you’ll find other nutters who share your interest in crazy things like pig Olympics and cat circuses! I don’t like that these people submited two answers, no matter how good the definitions are, if it’s over 140 characters, its not a tweet anymore, its a blog.

@jaywilliamspr Listen, learn, engage .. it’s a conversation. Join in as and when it feels right It’s full of free will
And finally…
@therealprmoment Social Media is PR’s biggest opportunity 20 years AGREED
If I had to respond with my own tweet definition of Social Media, this is what you would see:
@Kdwhigham Social Media is the limitless connnection you make through communicating with any one YOU choose in expressing yourself.

February 5, 2010. PRCA 3030, Topic of the Week.

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