Super Bowl Media

Last night, millions of fans sat down to watch the annual superbowl event. However, not all of these fans nessecarily watched for the football, some watch for commercials and others watch for the half time show. And this was proven in one way: Twitter. Fans constantly tweeted through every commercial and halftime show and are still tweeting through today.

“Saints Won,” “SuperBowl,” and “Reggie Bush” all remain trending topics still today.

Some tweets included ads such as this one:

dgoodman6: fav ad of superbowl sunday:

While others dissed them:

joliclown: superbowl commercials suck!

Through all of these tweets, where does this leave the Superbowl?

Like anything else, it is getting sucked into the world of social media. The public is now controlling the views on the issues at hand.

People are able to respond back instantly on whether or not they like a commerical or half time show.

People are also able to link to stories and commercials which in turn creates buzz, the most worthy marketing you can get.

It’s a Social Media world, the superbowl just lives in it.


February 8, 2010. PR Connections, PRCA 3030.


  1. Mackenzie replied:

    I loved this post. It’s true, the Superbowl is living in a world of social media. I think it would of been really cool if in a few years the commentators actually tweet during the game, they might as well! People are on twitter the entire time, and why not give the public what they want! Twitter has given the public the ability to utilize free speech, and someone doesn’t like something, you are going to find out! The superbowl,and other big events are going to need to catch up with the times and take advantage of the opportunities they have!

  2. micaelacarter replied:

    Kacie I really enjoyed reading your post about the Superbowl. To be perfectly honest I never really considered tying Twitter, social media and the Superbowl all into one. It is crazy to think that we all have the access and technology to be able to tweet about anything because this did not exist 20 years ago. I also loved you quote at the end about it being a social media world and the superbowl just lives in it, I feel like that is true for everything now.

  3. laur22 replied:

    I think it is clever to have featured “tweets” about the superbowl and other events. I enjoyed watching the E! Red Carpet during the Oscars because it showed celebrity twitter updates on the bottom of the screen. It is a fun way to stay current and feel connected with others across the world. I would much rather call someone and tell them about my feelings though, instead of posting it online. I think people need to get off the computer every now and then and talk to their friends face-to-face!

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