T.O.W. 5 – Social Searching

Search Engine Visibility is an Edelman Digital Position Paper written by Steve Rubel with insights from Kevin King, Michael Wiley and Rick Murray.

This paper is about the process of search engines and how they work. Rubel tells of the ranking system Google uses in order to decide which pages will come up when you search certain words. Rubel then compares search engines with social searching.

Social searching is searching through social media such as twitter or Facebook.

Rubel claims that “all of the major networks are building out search tools that could, conceivably, threaten Google.”

First off, the most predominate aspect I learned about in this paper is the ranking system used by Google. I always wondered why certain pages were chosen to show up during any given search and now I have that answer. Google’s PageRank System “assigns every page on the internet a ranking on a scale of one to 10. The higher the rank, the more that page can affact search results.”

Secondly, what surprised me the most was the idea that Google might be “threatened.” Although, yes I do believe people are searching information on twitter and Facebook and blogs, I believe people are still either then taking that information to Google or found it through Google in the first place. Google might as well be a monopoly in the search engine world. Nothing and no one is going to make Google go out of business anytime soon.

Finally, I would like to learn more about how individual companies are using the PageRank system and Twitter to increase their search results. Rubel talks about JetBlue’s use of Twitter and Starbuck’s most searched terms on Google, but I would like to know how other companies, specifically ones affecting me, are using these search engines and social searching to benefit.


February 15, 2010. PRCA 3030, Topic of the Week.


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