T.O.W. #6 – Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Shel Holtz, Mark Ragan, and others discuss “concerns and objections around the adoption of social media communication channel” at the Ragan Communications Conference.

Quotes I liked during the podcast:

“Social Media is all about building relationships.”

“I don’t think everything has to come from one person.”

“If you’re not personally committed to doing this blog, you shouldn’t do it.”

“Customer feedback is priceless.”

I liked how open the conversation was. I think it is great that the CEO of the company takes questions and suggestions so freely from his employees. That is a great leader. I also liked what they had to say about blogging and social media. It is so true that customer feedback and interaction matters and that is exactly what social media is providing.

I learned that not everybody is convinced with social media. Maybe it’s the older generation. Since I am part of a generation that has used computers and the internet since elementary school, I understand it more. However, the older generations are more questionable. I forget that sometimes. I just assume for them to have my same point of view on the matter.

I want to know more about how Ragan Communications turned out. How much Mark Ragan has been blogging since this past October and how it has helped his company.


February 22, 2010. PRCA 3030, Topic of the Week.

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