Kell on Earth

For my Senior Seminar class, we watched the show Kell on Earth. For those of you who don’t know, this show follows around Kelly Catrone, owner of PR firm, Peoples Revolution.

Through Kelly’s example of PR on reality TV, we are given incite into the real world of a PR professional.

In the episode we watched (season 1, episode 2), Kelly ran into some troubles when the seating chart would not print for her client’s fashion show. The show went through the highs and lows of the Conflict Resolution theory. It showed ways in which they had to overcome the problem and work with what they had. It also showed the outcome, in which although they did what they could, the client was still not happy.

In the second half of the show, Kelly promoted her client, Genetic Denim. During this half, the show focused more on the PR model and two way symmetric communication, because they wanted feedback from the audience.

This is such a great show to watch for young adults trying to make it in the PR world. It shows the truth and reality of it all: that it’s not always easy.


March 15, 2010. PR Connections, PRCA 4335.


  1. Jayme replied:

    Kell of Earth is what i wish i could believe as being fictional, but we both know it’s not. I know a lot of the drama did come from the fact that it is on television and it needs to keep the audience interested, but that was a lot going on. The complete chaos that these people went through with both their client and the public was crazy. After watching this show it is easy to say that school does little to prepare you for the things People’s Revolution encountered.

  2. What I Had to Say…My Comments « Let's Get Social replied:

    […] Whigham: Kell on Earth~From Student to Life-April 19, […]

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