T.O.W. 9 & 10 – PROpenMic

PROpenMic  is a social networking site that connects students, faculty, and PR practitioners. I have actually been a part of PROpenMic for almost a year now, but have not used it to its full benefits.

PROpenMic allows students to connect with faculty and PR practitioners in order to further their real life experience.

Once joined, you create your own page with a few facts about yourself including your basic demographic information, your PR status, your college or university, your location, and an “about me” section. You can also link your blog, Facebook, and twitter account to the page.

Photos can be added and groups can be joined depending on preference. There are also open forums for discussion. These forums are great for students that want to ask questions to professionals. It is a great way to get your real life answers from experienced people.

Groups can also be joined to connect you with others with similar interest. This is a great way to meet people working to your same common goal. The group Events and Conferences helps you keep track of upcoming events that could interest you. This is a great way to network and gain experience.

Finally, there is a jobs/interns area. This area is a great way for PR students to see new jobs and internships that are available to them in the PR world. Direct links take you to pages that give you information about the job or internship available and shows you how to apply, such as one available as a PR intern with Guess in New York.

Overall, there are many ways to connect with the PR world using PROpenMic, including ones not listed in this blog. If you are interested in the PR world at all, I encourage you to check it out, and actually use it (unlike me) to its fullest potential. You never know what kind of connections you will make and what you get out of it.


March 18, 2010. PRCA 3030, Topic of the Week.


  1. aschlum1 replied:

    I just read your blog post and learned that you can join groups on the PR OpenMic site. The more I find out about the site, the more it interests me. There are so many benefits to being a member on the site, especially the job/intern section. It is important for PR students to find sites like PR OpenMic and use it to their benefit. There are so many opportunities that may come from being members of social media sites like this one. It is interesting to find out the amount of information and benefits that can come from using only one site.

  2. Mackenzie replied:

    Kacie, I think you are right! PR Open Mic is an awesome site for Public Relations Professionals, Students, and Recent Grads to use. It’s wonderful that as Public Relations students we have such a great tool to utilize. I really like the blog section. It is so cool to see what people who are working in fields we’d like to live in are up to and experiencing. It is also cool to read what students are writing, and see them experience things we have experience in and out of the classroom as well. I am so thankful that we have something like this to use in PR!

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