During Senior Seminar, we watched and critiqued the movie Hancock. Very similar to how we critiqued an episode of the reality television show Kell on Earth.

During Hancock, a PR professional is portrayed and gains Hancock as a client.

The movie shows many different theories that are relative in the PR world. The PR model is shown multiple times, specifically the two-way symmetric. Hancock’s PR Rep is so worried about his image and what people are actually saying about him. In the same way, Media uses & grats theory is also shown by the people calling in to the TV and radio stations to talk about Hancock.

Press Agentry model is also represented through the press conferences held in the movie.

Another large theory present in the movie was the framing theory. Hancock’s PR rep is constantly trying to frame his image in the media in a certain way. Examples of this is giving him a uniform and having him tell people “good job.”

There are many other PR theories represented in Hancock and the movie does a very good job in showing how a PR professional works for his client.


March 20, 2010. PRCA 4335.

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