TOW # 11: Interview Reaction

Barbara Nixon interviewed Martin Waxman, president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. During the interview, Nixon and Waxman talked about his PR Agency, the importance of traditional PR backgrounds, and digital foot printing.

First thing I learned right off the bat was that Canadian PR agencies are usually smaller than US agencies.

I liked the 3 pillars that Palatte PR found itself on:

Simplicity, Energy & Integrity

What surprised me the most is that they record most of their podcasts without even seeing each other. They record through Skype. It also made me feel better that they take about 40 min before the show to figure out what they are going to say. Because I definitely didn’t know what to say in my first podcast!

I love the quote Maxwell said, “You put something on twitter and it can be amplified.” This is so true! I recently had trouble with receiving a package I ordered through Get Married. Even though an e-mail said they would mail it 1 week after I ordered it, I waited a whole month before finally getting it. I tried calling multiple times, but received no answers and even no phone calls back even after promised. So, I took to twitter. Within 30 min of “complaining” on twitter, I received a phone call with answers as well as a twitter message back.

After listening to the interview, I would like to learn more about what Palette PR does. He talked briefly about it in the beginning, but I would like to head/read more about his PR experiences. He sounded like he worked with some interesting clients, so I’m sure he has some interesting stories.. maybe through his blog!


March 22, 2010. PRCA 3030, Topic of the Week.

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  1. Mackenzie replied:

    I was really surprised by a lot of the things I heard in Professor Nixon’s interview with Martin Waxman also. First off I think it was really cool that through social media sites, him and professsor nixon have been able to connect, it show exactly how beneficial social media is! Secondly, I really enjoyed what you also said as their “Pillars” I think it’s very honorable to know that they stress: Simplicity, Energy & Integrity, it shows how a good company is built by remembering good ethics. Lastly, I loved his comment on twitter and getting into contact with companies as well, it’s really cool to see how companies use twitter to their advantage!

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