Podcast: PR for Engaged in Savannah

Click this link to listen to the podcast: Engaged in Savannah
In this podcast, I(the host) discuss an upcoming wedding planning event in Savannah titled
Engaged in Savannah hosted by MG Events.
This podcast is done as an example of how podcasts can be used in PR for events and companies.
In continuing with this podcast, major buzz could be created about this event.
The podcast is 4:15 minutes long.
30 seconds Intro of event
1 min- How it will work
2:15- Mock Wedding
3:20- Twitter @EngagedSavannah
3:30- Website: http://www.EngagedinSavannah.com
4 min- Conclusion

Music provided by Partners in Rhyme

March 29, 2010. PRCA 3030.


  1. aschlum1 replied:

    I listened to your podcast and it is interesting! I am glad I read this post because I am working on my Podcast right now for Social Media and PR. It took me a minute to try and figure out how to plan and record a podcast, but I think I am getting the hang of it. Podcasts are such a new technology to so many people, that it will be interesting to see how much they evolve in the next couple of years. I hope your wedding planning is going great and I know you are getting more and more excited about the big day!

  2. Blog Comments « AllieSchlumper's Blog replied:

    […] Kacie Whigham, Podcast: PR for Engaged in Savannah, March 30, […]

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