Bad Business… Good Management

Last Semester I decided to try out a new craft: painting pottery.

In downtown Statesboro, there is a pottery place called Free Spirit Pottery & Glass. Here, you can pick out a piece of pottery from a large assortment, paint it, and they will fire it for you. Another option is to work with glass which will be fused spirit

I came up with this idea from an event my work, Eagle Entertainment, is planning. We are planning on doing an event with them this fall in which students can paint small pieces of pottery while eating a finger food dinner.

So, I decided to try it out for myself. Since Labor day (this past monday) also happened to be my mom’s birthday, I decided I would paint her a big platter with a sunflower on it (the  theme in her kitchen).

After Free Spirit’s owner promised me it would be ready that Saturday in order to take it home to my mother on Sunday, I ventured off with my to-go set up paints and stayed up pretty late Wednesday night to perfect my masterpiece. I then dropped it off first this Thursday morning when they attached a sticky note to it reminding them to have it down on Saturday.FreeSpirit

Well, Saturday comes and I stop by to pick up my platter, only to find out that my piece hasn’t even been put into the kilm yet. You can guess, I would furious. They offered to mail it once it was finished in a  couple more days, but it wasn’t the same. I wanted to show my mom in person and see the look on her face.

After storming out of the store and driving home, I recieved a phone call from the owner herself. She was at home that day and called me from her cell phone. After a few apoligizes and excuses, she finally offered me a deal.

Anne, the owner, let me come by and pick up my giftwrapped, but unfired platter to show my mother.  I then brought it back to Statesboro and dropped it off today to be kilmed. She also gave my a gift certificate for half the price of the platter for future crafts. In a couple of days, after the plate is competely ready, they are going to ship it back up to my mother free of costs.

Moral of the story… Mistakes happen, things sometimes just don’t get done, but because of good management, I was able to be a happy customer again. Talk about good crisis management:-)

And now, I reccommend Free Spirit Pottery & Glass to anyone looking for a fun activity. It’s reasonable priced and everyone there is very nice.

Just allow for some time for mistakes.


April 6, 2010. PRCA 4335.

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