Twitter Vs. DVR

A few years back TiVo came out and DVRs become the new thing to have. Everyone had busy schedules and could never watch their favorite TV shows because they were away from the house. DVRs were the perfect solution to that. Record the show while you were gone and watch it at your connivence.

Fast forward a couple of years and twitter is the new fad. People comment in 140 characters about any and every topic, including television shows. In fact, during live showings popular TV shows, you often see trending topics because so many people are tweeting while they are watching the show. What a great way to watch the show “with other people” yet you can still be sitting in a room by yourself.

However, for people like me, that still use DVR and twitter, this has caused a problem. I first noticed it for the show American Idol. As the show was being recording on my DVR, I was in the other room working on my computer. On Twitter, I noticed people talking about it and unfortunately I saw a comment about who was voted off that night. Well, there goes watching that show!

Twitter has made people like me want to watch the show on time, either to talk about it on twitter or to avoid finding out what happens the wrong way.

DVR has been around for quite a while now and is great for busy schedules, but Twitter seems to be catching on fast.

So in the battle of twitter vs. DVR… who do you think will win??


April 7, 2010. PR Connections, PRCA 3030.


  1. Victoria replied:

    Great comparision between Twitter and DVR. I never thought about it but I do sometimes log on and read my timeline to find out what is happening on shows that I can’t watch. You usually get a play by play action.

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  3. Mackenzie replied:

    Wow, I never thought of this until reading your article! It’s so true, twitter really does make people need to watch television on time. Even now, If i miss the results episode of “Dancing with the Stars,” I can send out a tweet asking who was voted off and my question is answered almost instantly! It’s amazing to see how much social media is changing everything! DVR is nice, but it’s true sometimes it’s pointless to record it because it’s going to get spoiled before you see it (unless you live under a rock). I have to say Twitter won this battle!

  4. laur22 replied:

    I had no idea that people could use Twitter and DVRs simultaneously. I love going home and watching shows on my DVR, but I never thought of the possibility of “watching” the show with others via the Internet. I would be upset if I also found something out that I didn’t want to know because someone posted it on Twitter before I got to watch a show. I think it is a creative idea, but I would much rather stick to one or the other. When I am bored, I tend to follow people on Twitter. When I watch my shows, I do just that!

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  6. Eryn replied:

    Great thought! I know I have turned to twitter to get most of my updates, whether they be news or pop culture. So, my vote goes to Twitter. I mean, who has time these days to watch everything they want to watch? A few months ago when the drama between Perez Hilton and Miss California started, I saw first hand what Mr. Hilton had to say(not that I agreed with everything), but sometimes it’s nice to hear things straight from the source then second hand. And stars are saying their peace more and more on Twitter. I love E! and here what’s going on in the world of the rich and the famous, but Twitter helps you forget about the glitz and the glam and make people real! E! stars, like the Kardashian’s, tweet during the show, which I’m sure helps ratings.

  7. hhiggs87 replied:

    I never thought of this but you’re absolutely right. Twitter is the ultimate spoiler. Why should you record something to watch later when Twitter can give away the ending first? A lot of times when I record shows to watch, they next day I try to avoid people who I no watched it so they want spoil it for me. But it isn’t really that easy now that Twitter is in the picture. As strange as it sounds, Twitter makes it important to stay up-to-date with television shows. If you have Twitter and use it on a regular basis, why even bother with trying to keep the secrets stored in your DVR?

  8. kelseyeh replied:

    This is true about the world of social media being able to fill you in if you’ve missed anything at all, not only in the world of television. Remember the tragic earthquake in Haiti? Millions of people said that they “heard” about it first through Twitter.

    I think that this is just a sign or signal that technology is pushing us forward in the way that we live our lives and get our news delivered to us. People used to read the newspaper for news, or wait to hear from relatives in letters. Now, I can go on to Facebook and write my Great Uncle Bill in Michigan a message and hear back from him in a matter of minutes.

    It is incredibly frustrating however if you are trying to avoid “spoiler alerts!”. I suppose the only way to avoid it is to be in among the action and tweet away as the show is on live! Good luck!

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