The World of PR

For my Senior Seminar class, we had to shadow a PR professional around for at least 4 hours. In my case(easy choice), I shadowed around Morgan Gallo of Morgan Gallo Events, aka MG Events, a wedding planning and design firm. Even though it’s wedding planning, plenty of PR is involved in preparing for MG Event’s upcoming event Engaged in Savannah 2011.

Engaged in Savannah 2011 is a twist on a bridal show, instead of brides going to one location, they take trolley tours all over Savannah to see different venues set up as a wedding. Other events for the weekend include a mock wedding/runway show.

Since MG Events is hosting the event, Morgan is working hard on getting the PR out for the event. As of right now, she’s starting with PR for vendors and in November, PR for engaged couples will begin, however that doesn’t mean the planning for it hasn’t already begun.

This past Wednesday I was able to sit in on a meeting with the South magazine, a well-known magazine in the southern region that puts out a wedding issue in Feb/March.

During the meeting, I was able to witness valuable knowledge and was even able to give some of my own input. You could say I participated in the Social Learning Theory.

We also met with a hotel, in order to hold the large mock wedding. I was able to see how deals work, as in a.. if you give me this, I’ll give you this.

It’s so great to be able to get hands on experience like this… something you would never learn in a classroom.

More to come next week as we meet with potential vendors who want to participate!


April 9, 2010. PR Connections, PRCA 4335.


  1. Eryn replied:

    Wow, what an awesome experience and great exposure. One of the things I love about PR is how much people are willing to talk and help students out. PR has really helped me understand and appreciate the amount of work that goes into putting an event together. And what a great idea to do a tour around Savannah. People often go to the traditional spots like Forsyth Park. I live right across the street from it and every weekend I feel like there is another wedding in the Park, sometimes big and sometimes small. But, Savannah is such a beautiful town with lots of hidden beauties. That tour will help brides find new and traditional spots to tie the knot. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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