TOW 13- David after Dentist

Viral Videos, such as David after Dentist are becoming all the rage. I have friends that sit on YouTube for hours watching the newest and funniest video uploaded.

What makes these simple homemade videos so popular?

Simple: Human Interest

Before YouTube was invented, remember that show we used to watch… America’s Funniest Home Videos?? Well, it’s the same thing! It’s just at your fingertips, able for you to customize to your liking.

Take this video for example.

It became popular immediately after posting and remains popular today. Something like this is funny and people like to laugh. If they can share in the laughing with someone else, they show someone, and so on. It’s almost a sense of accomplishment when you’re the one find that funny video to show your friends.

Another type of video that gets a lot of views is shown below.

It is so random and you almost have to be out of your mind to be able to understand it, yet it has over 46,000,000 views. It is so random that one can’t help but watch it in stunned silence only to think “what in the world was that” after it is over. Then of course, you have to show your friends this crazy cartoon video you watched. Who in their right mind would take the time to make this short video?


April 9, 2010. PRCA 3030, Topic of the Week.


  1. laur22 replied:

    I had never seen the video “Grape Lady Falls” until just now! That is hilarious. You are totally right when you say it is a sense of accomplishment to send a friend a funny viral video online. I spend a lot of time when I am bored watching videos on YouTube and sending the most ridiculous ones to my friends and family. They are such a cheap and easy form of entertainment that people all over the world can relate to. It is crazy how so many millions of people watch videos of just the Average Joe online! It is like a new form of fame.

  2. Mackenzie replied:

    HAHAHA! I forgot about the “grape lady” falls that video is hilarious! To me the best part are the news crews at the end that you can tell are cracking up but they are trying to seem professional! I’ve never seen the second video with the unicorns before! I think videos become viral if they are unique, funny and relatable. Lastly, exactly what you stated: Human Interest! If something is of interest or someone can relate to it it makes the video funny because you can imagine yourself or someone who know doing it. I love the videos you posted!

  3. Brittany Maree replied:

    The grape lady video is hilarious! You are right about people sitting on YouTube watching funny videos. I watched America’s Funniest Home Videos all the time and I am glad that we now have YouTube. If I ever need to laugh, I go to YouTube and watch the popular videos of the day, hoping that they are all hilarious. If I find videos that I just have to share, like the drunken guy in the convenience store trying to by beer, I have to send them to friends. I think it is just crazy how many people view the same videos.

  4. Jessica Cameron replied:

    Okay 1st. I forgot how incredibly funny the falling grape lady video is. Even though you know it is so painful, you can’t help but laugh. What about the video where “Scarlett takes a tumble?” That one might be funnier! Look it up if you haven’t seen it!! And the Charlie the Unicorn video has got to be the most annoying thing ever. My 19 year old sister loves and loves saying “candy mountain” over and over again. Why DO these videos catch on? Some days I could sit on YouTube for hours just watching completely random funny and dumb videos. Hah! Thanks for making me laugh tonight!

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    […] 6. Kacie Whigham, TOW 13-David after Dentist […]

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