TOW 14: Guest Blogger- Mackenzie Stratton

Today, I’m featuring a guest blog, from a friend and classmate, Mackenzie Stratton.

Everyone has heard(and is tired of hearing) about Tiger Woods in the news, but since I have not made any comments on that matter, I though her blog on this topic would be a perfect feature.

Thank you Mackenzie for sharing!


After reading PR Week’s article,“Tiger Woods Calls in Former White House Press Chief Ari Fleishcher for Advice,” I have realized the importance of how Public Relations Professionals are to celebrities likeTiger Woods.

The article discussed how Ari Fleishcher who work for George W. Bush has been brought in to reintroduce Tiger Woods, after his three-month break. The break is due to the allegations that broke last year that Woods had several sexual-affairs.

Fleishcher runs his own sports PR company that specialises in handling crisis communication. The article quoted Steve Martin ( M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment CEO) who said: “‘Tiger Woods desperately needs good PR advice. He has not got his strategy right so far. The press conference was awkward. It won’t be turned around quickly for him but a PR plan needs to be created carefully.”

This article was really interesting to read, because it’s refreshing to read an article where Public Relations professionals are shown as being needed. I think lately with the economy, Public Relations is seen as an added bonus, and not a necessity. In reality though, to keep a successful company, or image, consulting with someone who works in the field of Public Relations is one of the smartest things to do. This is not the time to take a risk with your company, Public Relations professionals are trained in handling crisis situations, and keeping a company afloat.

Reading this article made me realize that with social media, and the fast paced society of today, Public Relations professionals are even more of a necessity. While the Tiger Woods situation is not the best situation to draw a light on PR, it is refreshing to know that people do see an importance in PR.


April 16, 2010. PRCA 3030, Topic of the Week.

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  1. Brittany Maree replied:

    I like this topic of the week post. I used his commercial as a discussion as a PR connection on my blog. I am glad to see that people are veiwing public relations as a necessity because most of the time, PR is generally seen as something extra for companies to have. What people do not understand is that while they have marketing and advertising people working at a company, they cannot create or maintain an image as well as a PR person can. This is simply because they were not taught how to do that as effectively as PR students have been taught.

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