Survival Guide Reading Notes Ch. 13 & 14

For information on the book, please visit my previous post.

Chapter 13: Looking to the Future

  • Lifestreaming – similar to a blog in that it is chronologically ordered collection of information, but its content consists mostly of feeds or “streams” of information from other social sites.
  • Example: FriendFeed
  • Facebook Connect works similar in the way you connect.
  • Facebook will soon launch a “social rank.”

Chapter 14: Measuring Your Success

  • Know your goals.
  • Attention, Participation, Authority, and Influence – measures social media engagement based on user interaction.
  • Tools to help you measure: Google Analytics, Google Alerts, Google  Trends, Feedburner, Blog Statistics Tools, Technorati, etc.
  • Come to your own conclusions.

April 19, 2010. PRCA 3030, Reading Notes.

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