This semester, we read the book Airframe by Michael Chricton for our senior seminar class.

This book was a great representation of what PR professionals have to deal with.

With the amount of time we took to read the book, I wish we would have spent more time discussing it, because there are so many great points to the book.

This book was a story about Casey, a VP at Norton Industries and her step into the PR world. One of Norton’s planes has a malfunction and Casey is put in  charge of handling all media questioning the event.

This book is a great example of how PR representatives can stay true to their morals. Casey represents ethics in PR. She does not lie to anyone, only to expose the truth for what it really is and saves the company.

This book also exhibits the framing theory. The media goes through the process of trying to frame the story in the most newsworthy manner, without considering ethics.

April 29, 2010. PRCA 4335.

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