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The True Meaning of Behind your Wedding Ceremony

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Unity Ceremonies

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How to Rock a Bridal Show

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5 PR Research Tips

Our final for my Public Relations Research class is to write 5 important things a public relations student should know about conducting research. Although there are plenty more than 5, I picked the 5 that I view most important in my learning this past semester. They are as follows:

1.  Research.

  • The first and most important step is to do background research. This can save you a lot of time and heartache. Someone else may have already done this research or something similar that not only can help lead you in the right direction, but can give you tips for your questions you may be asking in a survey, interview, or focus group.

2. Four  Basic Research Questions

  • Definition?: What is the problem? What are you researching?
  • Fact?: Compare groups. As stated above, do your research.
  • Value?: How good is this information? How good is the research? Is it worth something?
  • Policy?: Should we do it? Is it worth the time and money? Is it ethical?

3. Speaking of Ethics: There are a few rules you should always follow when conducting primary research.

  • Be honest and fair to participants. They are giving you their time to help you, they deserve it.
  • Maintain Confidentiality. Period.
  • Stay true to the reward you offer and always debrief your participants, so they are clear in what is going on.
  • Do not harm your participants, physically or mentally.
  • Educate. Educate your participants about your research.

4. When conducting Primary Research, there’s 3 different Methods to go by:

  • Interviews: These are one on one and can be really specific. They allow you to understand problems. However, you cannot generalize and it can be very costly and time-consuming.
  • Focus Groups: This allows you to shadow people in their environment and to focus on a couple people at a time. However, this can also be very costly and time-consuming and requires a lot of preparation.
  • Surveys: This is the easiest to execute and most cost efficient. You can generalize and receive statistics on a large amount of people.

5. Finally, there are 3 basic types of questions

  • Funnel: This is a short answer question that determines what the next question will be.
  • Topical: This is a general question about any topic.
  • Probe: This questions “probes” the interviewees to think more about their answers. Examples would be “How do you feel…” or “Tell me more about… “

After completing this Research class, I definitely learned a lot of hands on tips when conducting research. Our research project with the Center for Excellence in Teaching on Georgia Southern’s campus allowed me to fully immerse myself into the research world. From looking up previous studies for a lit review, to creating a survey and compiling the results through Zoomerang.

Organizing the material also plays an important part in the process, because it allows for a research student to work on a complete research project that would be handed in the real business world.

In the end, taking a PR research class is beneficial for any PR student. Even me, as I want to be an Event Planner, took away tips that will help me in my career. Event when planning events, research has to be done, in order to insure success.

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Book Review

For my PR Practicum class, we were assigned to read a trade book and present a book review to the class. Well, most of the books on Barbara Nixon’s list were about Public Relations (who would have thought, in a PR class right?), but since I wanted to focus on event planning I decided to go off the list and choose a book about event planning.

After a short search on Amazon, I found The Business of Event Planning: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Successful Special Events By Judy Allen.

The book was an easy read, yet somewhat repetitive. Here is the slideshow I made in response to the book:

If you are interested in the comments I made for each slide, please e-mail me.

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“You Never Know Until You Try…

Or How to Make it Big in PR”

This past week I read an article from Public Relations Quarterly for my PR Research class. “You Never Know Until You Try or How to Make it Big in PR” was written by John F. Budd Jr. budd_back

Budd first started working for Carl Byoir & Assoc. in his twenty’s. After thirty years of experience, he came up with his top 10 tips on surviving and thriving in the PR world.

Here are the main concepts to his points(for the complete article check out Volume 53, Number 2 of Public Relations Quarterly):

1. Never lose your curiosity

2. Always, always challenge conventional wisdom…

3. Opportunity is a synonym for failure. Believe it!

4. Read, read, read!

5. Write, write, write!

6. Do the unexpected… more than asked for.

7. Understand and appreciate what creativity is.

8. Come to work to make thing[s] happen; don’t just passively watch them happen.

9.Don’t be borinng and always talk shop.

10. Thinking is not a public ad hoc process.rome-doors-1

I enjoyed this article. As a senior, about to enter the real world, I thrive off of any tips I can get. Tip # 3 is my favorite. I completely agree with the old saying “When one door closes, another one opens.” Another tip I like is #6. Budd doesn’t just talk about “going the extra mile,” he also talks about being more creative and thinking outside the box as a concept of going above and beyond.

I would definitly recommend this article to anyone entering or relatively new to the PR field. Hopefully you will check it out and find as much use out of it!

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Take risks…SAEM Workshop

Yesterday, I attended a Student Affairs and Enrollement Management (SAEM) Workshop. The workshop was titled “Becoming the Leader within Ourselves” and was given by Earl L. Suttle, Ph.D. from Leadership Success International, LLC in Atlanta, Ga. earl

This was probably one of the best workshops I have ever attended. It was very interactive and very inspriring. No summary would do Dr. Suttle any justice as to how he lead this workshop, but here are a few quotes that will leave you pondering:

“Formal education will get you a job. Self education will make you wealthy.”

“Find out what most people do and don’t do it.”

“Take risks.”

“Confidence is contagious.”

“If you want to be a great leader, you have to be a great teacher.”

“Get a skill in making people feel special.”

“Be thankful.”

“It could be worse.”

“You become the people you hang out with.”

and finally…

“Good things come to those who wait… Great things come to those who take charge.”

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Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional is playing a FREE, that’s right FREE concert at the Georgia Southern RAC bandshell Tomorrow Night [May 1st]. @ 8

It’s gonna be an awesome concert. So bring a blanket to sit on and come enjoy:-)


And stop by and say Hi to me [I’ll be working the VIP section]

Hosted by The Office of Student Activities and Eagle Entertainment


Apply for next year’s Eagle Entertainment Program Board this week. Just stop by the Office of Student Activites in Russell Union for an application. You’ll get great PR and Event planning experience!

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ROTC Dining Out

3088_84782002958_611292958_2519094_1808986_nThis past Saturday was Georgia Southern University’s ROTC Dining Out.

As my boyfriend, Steve, is a member of the ROTC program, as well as the National Guard, I accompianied him to the event.

We got all dressed up, he in his uniform and me in my dress and took on the evening around 6pm.

First was a meet and greet, in which we just socialized and met the guest of honor.

Next we had the toast as well as the making of the Graug(not sure if i’m spelling that right)

Dinner was catered by GSU, which wasn’t worth the $20 my beau paid for, but we ate.

After the evening, we changed into something more comfortable and were picked up in a limo to go to Silver Creek Salon.

For those of you who have not been, GO, it is very entertaining and the music is actually really good.

Back to the Dining Out, the purpose of the evening was the honor those who are serving and those training to serve. As the girlfriend of one of these brave men(and women too), these nights make me truly remember how lucky I am to live in a free country.

As an 86 year old man who fought in WWII, I wish I knew his name, put it that night:

Freedom isn’t free… and I am proud to be an American.

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