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Each week, I will be making comments on other PR blogs for my PRCA 3030 class. The links to the comments will be added here.

1. January 19, 2010 Topic of the Week: Haiti and Social Media by James Kicklighter : It’s amazing how far Social media has brought us. The fact that someone can text something so simple (something most people are constantly doing) gives no excuses not to help out in some way.

2. January 25, 2010 PRCA 3330. TOW Week 2-Mignon Fogarty by Kelsey Hendrix: “I also get so confused sometimes when trying to figure out which one (who or whom) to use. Thanks for laying out the reminder in plain english. I might actually take a peak at that podcast.”

3. January 25, 2010 T.O.W. Week 1 By Allie Schlumper :

I’ve definitely used Social Media much more as PR major also. I need to become more active in Linkedin. I’m also hoping I’ll listen to more podcast now that I’ll have to commute to Savannah for my wedding/event planning internship.

P.S. Thanks for the comment on my blog !

4. March 3, 2010 Topic of the Week 7: Foursqaure and Twitterstreams by Allie Schlumper:

I agree. It’s interesting, but it’s all about self control over how cautious you are about using it. Some people can turn into stalkers! Do you have foursquare??

5.  March 3, 2010 Correct Body Language in Your Interviewing Process by Jessica Cameron

I am so picky about hand shakes, especially at interviews! I hate when, just because I’m female, men give me a weak handshake. My dad also taught me to give a strong one, to show that you are strong person.

6. April 1, 2010 TOW Week 8: Podcasting by Jessica Cameron

I did not know that pod originated from the term iPod. Makes sense though. It’s pretty cool to find out where the origins of words come from. Although you can use podcasting anywhere, no wonder apple products make it really easy to podcast:-)

7. April 8, 2010 Comments on the Interview with Martin Waxman by Meghan Baytagh

I listened to this interview also. I was also surprised by the wide variety of clients they represented. I liked how he said as a guy he probably knew more about hair and makeup products than anyone else. lol. And like you, I also would like to know more about the company. I’ve browsed around his blog a little and it’s pretty interesting! You should take a took at it. I also would like to know more about the differences of a Canadian and US firm… I didn’t think much about that aspect before.

8. April 8, 2010 PR Open Mic by Meghan Callahan

I am a member of PROpenMic also and have been for quite some time. Every once in a while a get back on there. I always get email updates that are helpful from it. I feel like there are so many social media outlets to keep up with now though that its hard to keep track of them all. I’m definitely taking interest in the jobs and internship portion of the site right about now though!

9. April 9, 2010 Interview Recap with Allie Burrow by Micaela Carter

I follow Allie on twitter and I hear her talking about ParkMobile all the time! It’s such a cool concept and what a great job for her! It still amazes me how much people are using social media in jobs today. If I hadn’t been taught to blog and twitter, I’d be lost! I know for my wedding planning internship, I have to write one blog a week an keep up a twitter account. Companies are pretty much requiring it now!

10. April 9, 2910 Widgets and Badges by Haley Higgs

I really like your analogy “widgets are to websites what applications are to iPhones.” I didn’t really understand or get the concept of what widgets were until I read that. Now it makes sense! It’s kind of cool that a widget or a badge can do that stuff for you and make you not have to search for things or can grab your attention like that.

11. April 12, 2010 Ben Roethlisberger by Victoria Greene

I’ve heard a little bit about this case, but not too much. You are absolutely right now. Just sitting around and talking to no one is NOT helping his image, whether he did it or not. Why would his PR rep not know to make some sort of revised statement?? and then to keep on partying?? I mean c’mon. He must not even have a PR team, either that or a stupid one at that!

12. April 13, 2010 Toyota is Looking Up by Mackenzie Stratton

Wow! This really surprised me! I knew they weren’t doing horrible after the recall, but I didn’t think their sales would be up from last year! They must have an amazing Public Relations team to be able to accomplish that after such a major recall. Both my brother and dad have toyotas and while I know they are not worried about their cars, I’m not sure if their avid toyota users anymore. Talk about good crisis management! This PR team deserves an award! lol!

13. April 13, 2010 Viral Videos by James Kicklighter

Word of Mouth truly is the most valuable way of spreading information. Its kind of like the saying… If someone liked something, they will tell one person, but if they had a bad experience or didn’t like it, they will tell 5 people. I’ve seen the surprised Kitten video before, and that is too cute… who wouldn’t want to share that. But I’ve never seen the second one until now. How weird. It’s something I’m definitely not a fan of, but I’ll probably talk about because it is so weird and different, just as you said.

14. April 15, 2010 Advantages of the Podcast by Meghan Callahan

Podcasts are quite interesting. I’ve listened to a few.. and attempted to make one, but I still don’t quite get the point of them. I kind of think they are like talk radio and I personally don’t like talk radio, so maybe that’s why I’m not a big fan of podcasts. I’ve even tried to find things I’ve interested(such as wedding/event planning) and listen to those, and although it’s a little better, I still get somewhat bored of listening to people talk half way through. I think it’s because it’s so un-personal. I’d rather be able to sit with a actual human body and have a conversation than listen through a speaker.

15.  April 15, 2010 Slidecast Naked Conversations presented by: Lauren Wolf

I read this book also and what you said about “why aren’t more companies joining the ‘blogosphere?’” – You are so right! Why aren’t they?? It’s easy and free! It gets your name out there and it humanizes you! A lot of companies are hiring interns to blog and twitter for them, so at the very least, a company can do that and that costs them nothing. However, an upper level employee blogging would have a much bigger impact. Companies need to read this book-it was such an easy read- and then jump on the bandwagon and start blogging before they get left behind.

16. April 18, 2010 – Viral Video by Allie Schlumper

I love your video! It’s too cute! Ya’ll did a good job in promoting the bottom line of selling ice cream for PRSSA at Brusters. I loved how you popped up out of no where with the ice cream though… that was definitely my favorite part! Thanks for sharing the video with us!

17. April 18, 2010 – Celebrities Using the “R” Word by Kelsey Hendrix

I hadn’t heard about this campaign until now. But it is actually really catchy and worth something. People are offended by that and there are ways around it. It’s kind of like the word “gay.” I have a brother that is gay and I know I make the mistake sometimes of saying something is gay, but an object or situation cannot be gay(not in the context of happy or homosexual). So I have to be careful sometimes and watch my words, especially around him, in order to not offend him. There are plenty of other words in the english language that can be used to express our feelings.

18. April 18, 2010- Betty White: Why do we love thee?.. Let me count thee ways by Martine Howell

I didn’t know that Betty White was chosen to host Saturday Night Live. I’m not an avid watcher of the show, but I do catch it every once in a while. I loved that you did a top 10 video countdown. What a great way to prove your points than to show actual videos of her. What a cute idea! Also, I can’t believe someone would actually doubt her because of her age. Obviously she has done so much already and so many other people believe in her, that is not going to stop her. 8o is the 60… right? haha.

19. April 19, 2010 What to wear to a PR job interview by Jessica Cameron

I like the angle you took. Everyone hears about what to wear to an interview… the basics… a suit, dress nice, etc., but no one ever tells you what NOT to wear.(like the show!) Like Sunglasses on the head, how many people will walk in from outside and just push them up and forget about them. That’s something you need to be conscious about. Also, the new suit thing… I never thought of that. Of course you cut off the tags, but the buttons and zig zag strings and such show that you just bought the suit and you don’t regularly own/wear one. Useful information. Thanks for sharing!

20. April 19,2010: Guest Blogger by Haley Higgs, original blog by Allie Schulmper

I haven’t seen this video before, but I have tried their new pizza and I have to say it is delicious, especially compared to their old stuff. Part of my wonders though if this campaign has anything to do with the whole incident last year of the youTube video of employees playing with food. Maybe they felt they needed a change after that?? well it’s helping!

21. April 21, 2010: How to Pass Your Employer’s “Background Check” by Lauren Hopkins

This is so interesting. I knew businesses were looking at Facebook profiles, but I was wondering how they were doing it exactly. It’s funny though how in some jobs they want you off social networking sites, while in others, they may hire you to do just that… twitter and create facebook fan pages and blog and such. I guess it’s the same concept of too much of anything is never good. If your on it too much, you’re not gonna have a real life. but If your not on it at all, your not building experience.

22. April 20, 2010: Be My Guest: Kacie Whigham by Mackenzie Stratton

Thanks for having me as your guest blogger! I actually enjoyed writing this post. I find it so interesting that this would happen all at the same time. However, I was corrected on my blog that Jessica was actually wear nude make up on the cover of the magazine, but no makeup on the inside pages. Props to her for doing this, but that is very misleading, they need to put that out there, because this is giving girls a false sense of beauty.

23. April 20, 2010 Guest Blogger: Kacie Whigham by James Kicklighter

Thanks for letting me be your guest blogger! I really enjoyed writing this blog. I hate when I’m not watching a show, because I have it TiVo’ed but then I get on Twitter an it ruins it for me! It either forces me to stay off twitter during that show or to watch it while it’s going on. It’s also kind of fun because I have friends that watch the same shows I watch and tweet about it and I want to be in that convo!

24. April 20, 2010 Opps… It’s David After Dentist by Ashley London

I love these two videos! They are two of my favorites!! I think there is just something about little kids that are so cute and funny! People want to spread the word! I mean really, a baby biting a kids finger?? and the fact that he has a british accent makes it that much cuter! And the blood kid is too cute because he is so concerned for his little brother, but the parents are obviously not. How could you not want to share this with your friends??

25. April 20, 2010 Career Service Workshop Reaction: Cover Letters and Resumes by Micaela Carter

These workshops are so helpful! I’ve been to a couple of them before and they helped me with my resume and cover letter so much! It’s a pain to reprint your resume/cover letter for every job application, but it’s so worth it. The more personal you make it to that company, the more they are going to think you want the job. No one wants the standard “to whom it may concern.” It’s tough updating it constantly, but it’s worth it to keep up with it!


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