Viral Video

For my Social Media class, we created short viral videos to promote the organization of our choice. I worked with James Kicklighter and Mackenzie Stratton, with special help from Casey Sherwin.

Below is the video we created to promote the Communication Arts Department, located in Veazey Hall.

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Celebrities are going untouched on magazine covers. Is this a PR stunt or just true honesty?

Recently, Jessica Simpson made headlines by going Untouched on the cover of Marie Claire. Apparently, Jessica didn’t even wear any makeup. Just last year, she was in the news for being overweight. In response, she has a new TV show out, called “Price of Beauty” in which her and couple of her friends travel all around the world, learning what beauty means in different cultures.

Is it just coincidence that all of this happens one after another? I think not. Jessica must have an awesome PR team behind her… fighting what media has made “beauty” to be. She is fighting back and people and listening.

Also in the news for going “untouched” in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Kim’s comment on the message of the nude picture is “embrace your curves and who you are.”

The difference with Kim is that she is also an endorser for Quicktrim, a diet plan she claims to have used herself. Well, if she’s telling girls everywhere to embrace their curves, why is she drinking tasteless formula drinks daily instead of eating healthy full meals?

That doesn’t sound like embracing your curves to me. Maybe her PR team needs to take a look at Jessica’s and go for the natural workout approach.

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The World of PR

For my Senior Seminar class, we had to shadow a PR professional around for at least 4 hours. In my case(easy choice), I shadowed around Morgan Gallo of Morgan Gallo Events, aka MG Events, a wedding planning and design firm. Even though it’s wedding planning, plenty of PR is involved in preparing for MG Event’s upcoming event Engaged in Savannah 2011.

Engaged in Savannah 2011 is a twist on a bridal show, instead of brides going to one location, they take trolley tours all over Savannah to see different venues set up as a wedding. Other events for the weekend include a mock wedding/runway show.

Since MG Events is hosting the event, Morgan is working hard on getting the PR out for the event. As of right now, she’s starting with PR for vendors and in November, PR for engaged couples will begin, however that doesn’t mean the planning for it hasn’t already begun.

This past Wednesday I was able to sit in on a meeting with the South magazine, a well-known magazine in the southern region that puts out a wedding issue in Feb/March.

During the meeting, I was able to witness valuable knowledge and was even able to give some of my own input. You could say I participated in the Social Learning Theory.

We also met with a hotel, in order to hold the large mock wedding. I was able to see how deals work, as in a.. if you give me this, I’ll give you this.

It’s so great to be able to get hands on experience like this… something you would never learn in a classroom.

More to come next week as we meet with potential vendors who want to participate!

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Twitter Vs. DVR

A few years back TiVo came out and DVRs become the new thing to have. Everyone had busy schedules and could never watch their favorite TV shows because they were away from the house. DVRs were the perfect solution to that. Record the show while you were gone and watch it at your connivence.

Fast forward a couple of years and twitter is the new fad. People comment in 140 characters about any and every topic, including television shows. In fact, during live showings popular TV shows, you often see trending topics because so many people are tweeting while they are watching the show. What a great way to watch the show “with other people” yet you can still be sitting in a room by yourself.

However, for people like me, that still use DVR and twitter, this has caused a problem. I first noticed it for the show American Idol. As the show was being recording on my DVR, I was in the other room working on my computer. On Twitter, I noticed people talking about it and unfortunately I saw a comment about who was voted off that night. Well, there goes watching that show!

Twitter has made people like me want to watch the show on time, either to talk about it on twitter or to avoid finding out what happens the wrong way.

DVR has been around for quite a while now and is great for busy schedules, but Twitter seems to be catching on fast.

So in the battle of twitter vs. DVR… who do you think will win??

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Kell on Earth

For my Senior Seminar class, we watched the show Kell on Earth. For those of you who don’t know, this show follows around Kelly Catrone, owner of PR firm, Peoples Revolution.

Through Kelly’s example of PR on reality TV, we are given incite into the real world of a PR professional.

In the episode we watched (season 1, episode 2), Kelly ran into some troubles when the seating chart would not print for her client’s fashion show. The show went through the highs and lows of the Conflict Resolution theory. It showed ways in which they had to overcome the problem and work with what they had. It also showed the outcome, in which although they did what they could, the client was still not happy.

In the second half of the show, Kelly promoted her client, Genetic Denim. During this half, the show focused more on the PR model and two way symmetric communication, because they wanted feedback from the audience.

This is such a great show to watch for young adults trying to make it in the PR world. It shows the truth and reality of it all: that it’s not always easy.

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For my senior campaigns class, my group is working on a campaign for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences(CLASS) at Georgia Southern. This week, we studied what theory would best fit with our campaign.

Framing theory has a large influence over the mind of consumers. “The basis of framing theory is that the media focuses attention on certain events and then places them within a field of meaning” (Framing). Framing theory can create an image or brand in the mind of the consumer. Framing theory uses experiences to create a thought process that tells the consumer how to think about something.

Originally based from the agenda-setting theory, which told the consumer not what to think, but what to think about, the framing theory has more influence on how the consumer thinks about it. “The way in which the news is brought, the frame in which the news is presented, is also a choice made by [the reporter]” (Framing). In the case of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), the framing theory could be the bases of a campaign in order for them to brand themselves in the mind of the consumer.

Consumers grow through experiences. This is how their “frame” forms. If CLASS frames its image in such a way that the consumer is responding positively, more positive feedback will be received. CLASS can take the framing theory and use it as a basis to frame the image it wants to become. Once CLASS brands itself in the mind of the consumer, more people will at least be aware of the college. Once people are more aware of the college, CLASS can brand itself in prestige over the other colleges at Georgia Southern.

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Taking Responsibility

Today, many people try to just slide on by without having to apologize for their mistakes. They think people will just forget about it. Well they are wrong. People remember and people talk. You have to learn to take responsibility for your mistakes. Say your sorry, fix it, and move on. We’re all human, we’ll forgive you.

Well that’s just what one guy did from Hubspot, Inc.

Apparently, on Feb 11, a user hijack into their system and posted tweets impersonating Twitter Grader users.  Now, I have to say, I don’t know much about the company or the situation, but this is definitely one of the best apologies I have every seen saying:

“There are three things I want to highlight in this whole fiasco:”

Picture from Hubspot website

“#1.  It was my fault.”

“#2.  HubSpot is being super-paranoid”

“#3.  OAuth is a very good thing.”

He not only accepted the fault, he told the public what they are doing about it, and then gave credit the one thing saved them.

So companies take note, because this ranks in one of the top 10 apologies in my book.

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Super Bowl Media

Last night, millions of fans sat down to watch the annual superbowl event. However, not all of these fans nessecarily watched for the football, some watch for commercials and others watch for the half time show. And this was proven in one way: Twitter. Fans constantly tweeted through every commercial and halftime show and are still tweeting through today.

“Saints Won,” “SuperBowl,” and “Reggie Bush” all remain trending topics still today.

Some tweets included ads such as this one:

dgoodman6: fav ad of superbowl sunday:

While others dissed them:

joliclown: superbowl commercials suck!

Through all of these tweets, where does this leave the Superbowl?

Like anything else, it is getting sucked into the world of social media. The public is now controlling the views on the issues at hand.

People are able to respond back instantly on whether or not they like a commerical or half time show.

People are also able to link to stories and commercials which in turn creates buzz, the most worthy marketing you can get.

It’s a Social Media world, the superbowl just lives in it.

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Social Media and Wedding Planning?

Recently, I was challenged to come up with an “idea” to submit as a wedding/event planner. One thing that has intrigued me the most is how much the wedding/event planning world has become involved in social media.

Sites such as give 6 ways to use social media in wedding planning. I found these very interesting tips, that could even be taken out of context and used outside of the wedding planning business.

Tip #1: Connect with Vendors

Tip #2: Ask past grooms and brides for help

Tip #3: Pre-wedding fun for the wedding party

Tip #4: Share those Registries

Tip $5: Win Stuff

Tip #6: Share your Wedding

Other sites, such as allow you to plan your entire wedding using social media.

In response to this, I created a video response of ways I believe wedding and event planners can use social media to gain success in their business.

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