This semester, we read the book Airframe by Michael Chricton for our senior seminar class.

This book was a great representation of what PR professionals have to deal with.

With the amount of time we took to read the book, I wish we would have spent more time discussing it, because there are so many great points to the book.

This book was a story about Casey, a VP at Norton Industries and her step into the PR world. One of Norton’s planes has a malfunction and Casey is put in  charge of handling all media questioning the event.

This book is a great example of how PR representatives can stay true to their morals. Casey represents ethics in PR. She does not lie to anyone, only to expose the truth for what it really is and saves the company.

This book also exhibits the framing theory. The media goes through the process of trying to frame the story in the most newsworthy manner, without considering ethics.


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Difficult Co-Worker learns behaviors from Childhood

PRSA wrote today that difficult co-workers may have learned their behaviors from childhood. The Wall Street Journal originally posted the story.

Because of this, some managers are having to use new techniques to deal with this employees.

According to Sylvia LaFair, a White Haven, Pa., psychologist and leadership coach, there are 13 patterns of office behavior and childhood reasons causing them.

“As the Journal reports, these types include the “persecutor,” who micromanages or abuses others and may have suffered abuse or neglect in childhood. The “avoider” is aware of problems but won’t talk about them, and may have grown up in a judgmental family. The “super-achiever” breeds resentment by walking over other people, and as a child may have been forced to compensate for family shame or tragedy. The “martyr” does his or her own work and everybody else’s too, and then alienates co-workers by complaining. The martyr’s parents may have given up their dreams for the child, who is now repeating the pattern.”

These is an interesting and thoughtful claim. Will these patterns change the way PR is conducted? Now that we can associate “bad moods” from workers in the business environment, will PR gain a new approach toward these employees? How much does this actually affect their personal lives as well? These could be a new theory stirring at our fingertips.

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Celebrities are going untouched on magazine covers. Is this a PR stunt or just true honesty?

Recently, Jessica Simpson made headlines by going Untouched on the cover of Marie Claire. Apparently, Jessica didn’t even wear any makeup. Just last year, she was in the news for being overweight. In response, she has a new TV show out, called “Price of Beauty” in which her and couple of her friends travel all around the world, learning what beauty means in different cultures.

Is it just coincidence that all of this happens one after another? I think not. Jessica must have an awesome PR team behind her… fighting what media has made “beauty” to be. She is fighting back and people and listening.

Also in the news for going “untouched” in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Kim’s comment on the message of the nude picture is “embrace your curves and who you are.”

The difference with Kim is that she is also an endorser for Quicktrim, a diet plan she claims to have used herself. Well, if she’s telling girls everywhere to embrace their curves, why is she drinking tasteless formula drinks daily instead of eating healthy full meals?

That doesn’t sound like embracing your curves to me. Maybe her PR team needs to take a look at Jessica’s and go for the natural workout approach.

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The World of PR

For my Senior Seminar class, we had to shadow a PR professional around for at least 4 hours. In my case(easy choice), I shadowed around Morgan Gallo of Morgan Gallo Events, aka MG Events, a wedding planning and design firm. Even though it’s wedding planning, plenty of PR is involved in preparing for MG Event’s upcoming event Engaged in Savannah 2011.

Engaged in Savannah 2011 is a twist on a bridal show, instead of brides going to one location, they take trolley tours all over Savannah to see different venues set up as a wedding. Other events for the weekend include a mock wedding/runway show.

Since MG Events is hosting the event, Morgan is working hard on getting the PR out for the event. As of right now, she’s starting with PR for vendors and in November, PR for engaged couples will begin, however that doesn’t mean the planning for it hasn’t already begun.

This past Wednesday I was able to sit in on a meeting with the South magazine, a well-known magazine in the southern region that puts out a wedding issue in Feb/March.

During the meeting, I was able to witness valuable knowledge and was even able to give some of my own input. You could say I participated in the Social Learning Theory.

We also met with a hotel, in order to hold the large mock wedding. I was able to see how deals work, as in a.. if you give me this, I’ll give you this.

It’s so great to be able to get hands on experience like this… something you would never learn in a classroom.

More to come next week as we meet with potential vendors who want to participate!

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Bad Business… Good Management

Last Semester I decided to try out a new craft: painting pottery.

In downtown Statesboro, there is a pottery place called Free Spirit Pottery & Glass. Here, you can pick out a piece of pottery from a large assortment, paint it, and they will fire it for you. Another option is to work with glass which will be fused spirit

I came up with this idea from an event my work, Eagle Entertainment, is planning. We are planning on doing an event with them this fall in which students can paint small pieces of pottery while eating a finger food dinner.

So, I decided to try it out for myself. Since Labor day (this past monday) also happened to be my mom’s birthday, I decided I would paint her a big platter with a sunflower on it (the  theme in her kitchen).

After Free Spirit’s owner promised me it would be ready that Saturday in order to take it home to my mother on Sunday, I ventured off with my to-go set up paints and stayed up pretty late Wednesday night to perfect my masterpiece. I then dropped it off first this Thursday morning when they attached a sticky note to it reminding them to have it down on Saturday.FreeSpirit

Well, Saturday comes and I stop by to pick up my platter, only to find out that my piece hasn’t even been put into the kilm yet. You can guess, I would furious. They offered to mail it once it was finished in a  couple more days, but it wasn’t the same. I wanted to show my mom in person and see the look on her face.

After storming out of the store and driving home, I recieved a phone call from the owner herself. She was at home that day and called me from her cell phone. After a few apoligizes and excuses, she finally offered me a deal.

Anne, the owner, let me come by and pick up my giftwrapped, but unfired platter to show my mother.  I then brought it back to Statesboro and dropped it off today to be kilmed. She also gave my a gift certificate for half the price of the platter for future crafts. In a couple of days, after the plate is competely ready, they are going to ship it back up to my mother free of costs.

Moral of the story… Mistakes happen, things sometimes just don’t get done, but because of good management, I was able to be a happy customer again. Talk about good crisis management:-)

And now, I reccommend Free Spirit Pottery & Glass to anyone looking for a fun activity. It’s reasonable priced and everyone there is very nice.

Just allow for some time for mistakes.

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In Senior Seminar, we talked a lot about ethics in PR. One of the main points we talked about was social norms theory.

Social norms theory is when people do things just because they think it is the norms. It is somewhat related to the Social learning theory, which is learning behaviors by watching others.

One of the examples we talked about is how students come to college and just assume that it is the social norm to binge drink, so they do it too. However, what is assumed as the social norm, isn’t always the actual norm. Most students will “talk” about drinking because they think it’s “cool” but in reality, not that many students are actually binge drinking.

So next time you catch yourself getting caught up in the social norm, stop yourself and think is that really norm or is it just the assumed norm? What may actually be normal, may not be portrayed as such.

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During Senior Seminar, we watched and critiqued the movie Hancock. Very similar to how we critiqued an episode of the reality television show Kell on Earth.

During Hancock, a PR professional is portrayed and gains Hancock as a client.

The movie shows many different theories that are relative in the PR world. The PR model is shown multiple times, specifically the two-way symmetric. Hancock’s PR Rep is so worried about his image and what people are actually saying about him. In the same way, Media uses & grats theory is also shown by the people calling in to the TV and radio stations to talk about Hancock.

Press Agentry model is also represented through the press conferences held in the movie.

Another large theory present in the movie was the framing theory. Hancock’s PR rep is constantly trying to frame his image in the media in a certain way. Examples of this is giving him a uniform and having him tell people “good job.”

There are many other PR theories represented in Hancock and the movie does a very good job in showing how a PR professional works for his client.

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Kell on Earth

For my Senior Seminar class, we watched the show Kell on Earth. For those of you who don’t know, this show follows around Kelly Catrone, owner of PR firm, Peoples Revolution.

Through Kelly’s example of PR on reality TV, we are given incite into the real world of a PR professional.

In the episode we watched (season 1, episode 2), Kelly ran into some troubles when the seating chart would not print for her client’s fashion show. The show went through the highs and lows of the Conflict Resolution theory. It showed ways in which they had to overcome the problem and work with what they had. It also showed the outcome, in which although they did what they could, the client was still not happy.

In the second half of the show, Kelly promoted her client, Genetic Denim. During this half, the show focused more on the PR model and two way symmetric communication, because they wanted feedback from the audience.

This is such a great show to watch for young adults trying to make it in the PR world. It shows the truth and reality of it all: that it’s not always easy.

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For my senior campaigns class, my group is working on a campaign for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences(CLASS) at Georgia Southern. This week, we studied what theory would best fit with our campaign.

Framing theory has a large influence over the mind of consumers. “The basis of framing theory is that the media focuses attention on certain events and then places them within a field of meaning” (Framing). Framing theory can create an image or brand in the mind of the consumer. Framing theory uses experiences to create a thought process that tells the consumer how to think about something.

Originally based from the agenda-setting theory, which told the consumer not what to think, but what to think about, the framing theory has more influence on how the consumer thinks about it. “The way in which the news is brought, the frame in which the news is presented, is also a choice made by [the reporter]” (Framing). In the case of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), the framing theory could be the bases of a campaign in order for them to brand themselves in the mind of the consumer.

Consumers grow through experiences. This is how their “frame” forms. If CLASS frames its image in such a way that the consumer is responding positively, more positive feedback will be received. CLASS can take the framing theory and use it as a basis to frame the image it wants to become. Once CLASS brands itself in the mind of the consumer, more people will at least be aware of the college. Once people are more aware of the college, CLASS can brand itself in prestige over the other colleges at Georgia Southern.

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Taking Responsibility

Today, many people try to just slide on by without having to apologize for their mistakes. They think people will just forget about it. Well they are wrong. People remember and people talk. You have to learn to take responsibility for your mistakes. Say your sorry, fix it, and move on. We’re all human, we’ll forgive you.

Well that’s just what one guy did from Hubspot, Inc.

Apparently, on Feb 11, a user hijack into their system and posted tweets impersonating Twitter Grader users.  Now, I have to say, I don’t know much about the company or the situation, but this is definitely one of the best apologies I have every seen saying:

“There are three things I want to highlight in this whole fiasco:”

Picture from Hubspot website

“#1.  It was my fault.”

“#2.  HubSpot is being super-paranoid”

“#3.  OAuth is a very good thing.”

He not only accepted the fault, he told the public what they are doing about it, and then gave credit the one thing saved them.

So companies take note, because this ranks in one of the top 10 apologies in my book.

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